How To Talk To a Loved One About Eating Healthier

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Sometimes it can be difficult to bring up the subject of eating healthier, especially with a loved one. It’s good to care about your loved one and their health. And it is a touchy subject that if brought up the wrong way, whether it’s to a friend, family member, or partner, might make your loved one become defensive and unwilling to listen to you.

If you have a loved one you’re concerned about, consider following these steps to ensure that they can hear your concern as one of love and support.

Start by telling them how much you care about them.

Leading the conversation with how you care, shows them where this is coming from. It’s not from a place of judgment or disappointment, but one of care, love, and support. Your loved one will likely be more susceptible to change when you initiate the conversation out of support for them.

Talk about healthy eating and why you think it’s important.

The benefits of eating healthy are massive. Point out some of the benefits of eating health (e.g., disease and cancer prevention) so that the conversation has a positive tone.

Emphasize small steps.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire diet as soon as you make the commitment. You can take small steps gradually until you’re ready to implement even bigger changes.

Join in it with them.

Own up to areas where you’re struggling and make the commitment to tackle this lifestyle change together.

Offer your support.

End the conversation by asking how you can best support them. Knowing that you have offered your assistance and support can help people feel like they aren’t on their own in accomplishing this big goal.