5 Tips for Staying Safe During Winter Activities

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The winter season is a great time to start winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. The only drawback to all of that winter fun is the cold. So if you’re hoping to soak up all that this winter has to give you, check out these safety tips for your winter sports.

1. Be like an onion, wear layers.

Layers are critical for those outdoor sports. It’s good to keep your body warm when you’re getting started, but eventually all of that moving around is going to warm you up and it will be time to start shedding some layers. Keep in mind that when you stop to take a break, you’ll probably want to layer up again so you can keep your body warm. For best results, pick a bottom layer that is made of a wicking fabric so that it can keep your sweat from soaking through your clothes and making you feel wet.

2. Pack a hat.

A good portion of your body heat escapes through the head. Wearing a hat will make sure you stay warm.

3. Insulate your water.

Water is essential for hydration and making sure you can keep up. Without proper insulation, lower temperatures can cause your water to freeze making it un-drinkable.

4. Bring a sleeping bag liner.

If you’re going big and camping either outside or even in a cabin, pack a liner for your sleeping bag. Unless you have a zero-degree bag, you might need the extra warmth.

5. Remember to wear sunscreen.

Although sunscreen mostly markets itself as a summer essential for beach-going and poolside fun, it’s actually pretty essential in the winter too. Snow can reflect the sun and make it more intense and make it more likely for you to get a sunburn.