Over the last couple of years, going gray has become a new trend. So much so, that even younger women and men are dying their hair gray. If you’ve traditionally colored your hair and are now thinking of letting your locks natural color free, it can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! There are some steps that you can take to make sure your transition from color to gray is not as scary as it can be.

1. Embrace your age.

Going gray can be a hard decision for some because it has symbolized aging and mortality. But this trend of “staying young” physically is being upended. There are many benefits to aging. Accepting this natural process of your hair going gray can be a great step to building confidence and living a happier life!

2. Talk to your stylist.

Your stylist will let you know what options you have. If you dye your hair a lighter color, it might be easier to transition to gray. Your stylist may be able to incorporate highlights to transition the color. Additionally, they might recommend a shorter hairstyle so that you can grow out your gray in less time.

3. Switch to a less permanent dye.

Think about switching to a semi- or dime-permanent dye that gets washed out in a couple of washes, until your hair fully transitions to gray. You might also try root covers if you need something in a pinch.

The benefits of letting your natural hair color shine are great. Others have experienced great confidence, better sense of self, and not to mention, more money in the bank. If you’re considering going gray, it might also help to talk to others who have done it. Just know that whether you choose to stick with the color or ditch the dye, being your best self is up to you to define!